Finance – 1 Dollar U.S.A. ($) Worth 38.03 rubles. negative record for the currency of Russia

اسهم ام القرى تداول Russian agencies reported that the dollar ($) U.S.A. exceeded for the first time in its history the 38.03 Russian rubles, with 1 dollar U.S.A. ($) You have: 38.03 Russian rubles at current exchange value.

here The situation in Ukraine and sanctions passed to Russia in addition to the new incoming Western sanctions have led to the negative record for the ruble against the dollar.

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اسعار الذهب ٠ي السعوديه و٠ي المنطقه الشرقيه ٠يديو Export to Russia, with these values, it becomes increasingly difficult, for our made in Italy, has always been appreciated in Russia, and not only by the Russians.