Finance – Alibaba has a higher capitalization to: eBay, Twitter and LinkedIn combined!

الخيارات الثنائية opteck Over 245 Billion dollars to Alibaba, in one trading day! The Alibaba revenues are equal to the sum of: Amazon and eBay!

افضل موقع لتداول الاسهم Alibaba shares, Chinese e-commerce company, placed at $ 68, بيع الاسهم في البنك الفرنسي They have reached $ 100 before closing at $ 93.89, with a gain of 38.1% in a single day!

enter Alibaba is the reference point for the Chinese online shopping, and enters the top 12 public offerings ever: after Wal-Mart and Chevron, before JPMorgan and Facebook.

أربح المال على الإنترنت للمراهقين Impressive numbers, for the Chinese team although less than 400 billion dollars to Google and more than 500 billion dollars of Apple.

source link Alibaba, it has been created by Jack Ma, a former English teacher, in an apartment in Hangzhou.

source link Alibaba, with 300 million customers, is an e-commerce site, be able to sell books, toys, clothing, cars. click It totals 80% of the internet traffic in China for online purchases.

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حساب تجريبي على خيار ثنائي The name of Alibaba shares, in the list of titles in the New York Stock Exchange is: Baba

get link اسعار سوق الاسهم السع Alibaba

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