Google loses 2.2% of online searches in U.S.: after Firefox-Yahoo!

استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية 10 دقيقة I had already written in this previous post: “Yahoo! recovers positions: will be the default search engine in Firefox instead of Google” as well: “Even Apple could abandon Google in 2015, as Search Engine” الجزيره كابيتال لتداول الاسهم

enter Yes, finally something is moving in the world of search engines:
Google continues to yield / lose market share in online search, in favor of Yahoo! who for years has remained “the pole” to watch / sleep.

الاسهم الاماراتيه لتاريخ ٢٦ ١ ٢٠١٤ All this has been possible thanks to the agreement made between Yahoo! and Firefox (browser to surf the web – editor’s note), where Yahoo! has taken the place of Google in the online search (in U.S.A.), as the default search engine.

here According to data provided by the Statcounter researchers: in the US, Yahoo! goes from 8 to 10%.

مستقبل سوق الاسهم السعوديةاقل-مبلغ-يمكن-ايداعه-والمتاجرة-به-Ù ÙŠ-سوق-ال٠وركس In December 2014, Google’s share of searches online computer has fallen, in U.S.A., to 75.3% compared to 77.5% in November 2014.

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مراجعة The agreement between Firefox and Yahoo! has been a blow to Google, and if that were not enough, even Apple would be ready to give up Google, in searches generated by smartphones and tablets, its Safari browser to surf the web from the iPhone and iPad .

go site Statcounter says that Safari in December 2014 has passed the 54% of all internet traffic generated by mobile devices (smartphones and tablets – ed) in U.S.A.

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