Finance – LinkedIn bows to China and Twitter sues US government

see 2 of the “Social Network” most used in the world, with 2 different mindset:

الخيارات الثنائية التداول المؤشرات إشارات – LinkedIn come to terms with the Chinese government and censor users’ accounts, in order to be present in the Chinese market (report in the NYT (New York Times))

source link – Twitter instead sues the US government because it violates the First Amendment and prevents to inform users of requests for information by the N.S.A. (National Security Agency).

source site While Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook: all’N.S.A provide information. (National Security Agency), without saying anything to their users!

click So, summing up, we take stock of the situation:
– LinkedIn thinking about money and bends to China, censoring what the Chinese government wants, in order to enter the Chinese market.
– Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook: do dell’N.S.A game. (National Security Agency), without informing its users! And finally the (social networks) brave Twitter, will even sue the US government with a complaint filed in federal court in California!

follow link I do not think in terms of freedom of expression, we “Westerners” are so different from China.
Social Media, are less and less “social” and more “average.”

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