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source SEM Supervisor دورة الفوركس Location: Milan Information Technology Internet

هو خيار ثنائي الروبوت آمنة اسعار فوركس Ad Description: go to link Media agency leaders internationally in SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing, go site search: go site a candidate, who answered directly to the management, will have the following responsibilities:

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الخيار الثنائي والفوركس – Explore new technologies and products for search engines. – Plan, execute and manage the department’s initiatives, including the sharing of best practices. – Actively participate in industry conferences. follow – To train and manage staff for a better understanding of the client’s objectives. go here – Conduct training sessions to the media department, delegating the strategic and tactical support as needed. – Improving processes and team development both internally, both at inter-departmental level in collaboration with the heads of individual departments. تقلب الخيارات الثنائية – Supervise the team in the development of strategic plans to improve the performance of search engine marketing campaigns for more complex customers. الخيارات الثنائية للأسهم – To represent the Department in meetings with the Executive Team.

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click Requirements for the position: source link The ideal candidate has gained a solid level of work experience in interactive media, including previous experience in the search engines or an interactive advertising agency, it is able to conduct and optimize the entire campaign search of more customers and to present and explain customers with the principles of search engine marketing, the tactics and the most correct strategies depending on the level of competence of individual customers and their needs. Are key requirements an excellent knowledge of English, proven skills in the management of a team of advertising professionals and in collaboration with the heads of other departments on initiatives of the entire agency.

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