Twitter: 25% of written messages, are “unnecessary”

تداولات الفوركس A study carried out in the U.S.A. for the “perfect tweet”, says the data: بيع وشاء الاسهم of 200 million Tweet that every day are written on “Social Network” (Twitter) 25% of the messages is virtually “useless.” The research is based on the judgment that the same Twitter users, express, سعر الذهب بالجرام اليوم في السعودية in response to the question (“Who Gives a Tweet?”): source site – In 39% of cases the judgment was neutral – In 36% of cases the judgment was positive click here – And finally, in 25% of cases the messages were deemed “unnecessary”

watch Search “manual for the perfect tweet” by the Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and the Georgia Institute of

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