YouTube: paid subscription for videos without ads

click The news of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), according to which the manager at Google, Susan Wojcicki, who heads YouTube since the beginning of 2014, said the social video platform will have a strong change. أرباح الخيارات الثنائية Not just advertising, therefore, but also subscription services.

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click here Google bought YouTube in 2006 by paying 1.65 billion dollars.

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source url To date it appears that advertising alone video is not enough to “cash batter” into Google home and then YouTube is studying alternative forms of income, through the subscription to social video platform. استراتيجيات المضاربة بالفوركس The goal is to increase revenues and profits from the video site (YouTube – ed).

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المنافسة في الفوركس Once on YouTube subscribers, you will have access to videos, no (the hateful and mandatory – ed) advertising that starts automatically and you are forced to watch, before the video starts. مقارنة وسيط الفوركس In some videos, the “skip ad” option is gone, and you have to look for strength to see your selected video.

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