python programming faq

What is Python?

Python is one of the very simple, high-level programming languages which are commonly used for web applications. Python comes with integrated dynamic semantics and it is an object-oriented language. Python is mostly used in app development and web applications. Apart from this, python is also utilized in the Rapid Application Development field. The reason behind this is it offers dynamic binding and dynamic typing options. 

Why Python?

Python is comparatively simple and hence it is easy to learn. This is the reason it has gained the highest popularity in the software development field. The unique syntax of python mainly focuses on attaining the readability and simplicity of the program. Compared to other languages the code written in python can easily be read and translated as well. This is the main reason, you need less cost for code maintenance when you use Python as a programming language. Even for development you need not spend much and python promotes team collaboration as well. It rules out most of the experience and language barriers among developers in a team.

Apart from this, python also supports the usage of packages and modules. Through this, it becomes easy to build programs in a modular style. The code written in python can be easily reused across different projects. Once the package or the module is developed, it can be easily scaled in all different projects. Modules and packages written in this language are easy to import and export.

Benefits Of Python

There is one most promising benefit of this language. This language comes with an interpreter and the standard library. These two features are available for free of cost. They are available in both source and binary form. The best part is python along with all the necessary tools that work in almost all platforms. Hence python is the right choice for an organization that wants to restrict its budget on development.

How is Python Used?

There are many general-purpose programming languages and python is one of them. This is the reason python can be used for everything and all kinds of platforms. More than that, it is one of the interpreted languages as well. To understand this, when you write a code in python it never gets converted into a computer-readable format.

Even though python was a scripting language, now many things have been changed. Today, python is in use for writing large programs as well. Unlike before it is now used for commercial-style applications rather just for banal ones. From the time the internet gained popularity, usage of python has been increased a bit. Today most of the web applications as well as platforms are relying on this language. For example, YouTube and Google Search Engine is completely dependent on Python. The best thing is, python is even utilized in NASA. It is used for building their space machinery and equipment.

 Python is very useful in processing text, images, and display numbers. It is the best choice for solving specific equations and for saving data. In other words, python is behind most of the software, applications that you encounter on a daily basis on your mobile.

This language is comparatively easy to learn. You can consider this language as the first step to enter the software engineering field and learn different languages and frameworks. If you are a beginner in this field, then you should start with python. There are many big companies that make use of python for their website programming for example, yahoo, Disney, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even IBM and Nokia are using this language.

Other benefits include:

  • This language is the best choice for developing prototypes. Main reasons behind this are, python can be learned quickly and it is very easy to read
  • Most of the major fields in popularity today like big data, data mining, and automation are completely relying on python. The reason behind this is, python is the right choice for performing all kinds of general-purpose tasks.
  • There are many languages like C# and Java which are considered massive. Compared to these massive languages, python can result in a more productive coding environment. Experienced programmers always choose python since it helps them to stay organized and productive as well
  • Even if you are not a skilled, expert programmer, you can easily read codes written in python. With a lot of practice and patience, anyone can start working with python. This is the reason python is the right choice for large development teams and multi-programmer environment
  • Django is the web application framework that is powered by python. This is an open-source and complete web application framework which is very helpful for web applications.

Python has a massive support base. Python is open-source and it is community developed. There are millions of developers who are improving this language on a daily basis. They are putting their effort to improve the functionality of this language. As time progresses, this language will gain more and more useful features and it is improving continuously.

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