laravel vs codeigniter

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

Both LARAVEL and CODEIGNITER are based on PHP, which stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open-source server-side scripting language. Its extreme popularity is evidenced by the fact that almost 80% of all websites were using PHP as of October 2018. But why use PHP at all? This is because a PHP framework provides the most convenient structure for a logical and streamlined development. They can work at extreme speeds. Businesses are able to meet their necessary performance using PHP. The usage in 2019 was close to that in 2018, and there is no doubt that, barring a brand new framework which betters PHP, this will be the framework of choice in the years to come. In this context, a review of Laravel vs CodeIgniter compared is not only relevant, but necessary.

What is Laravel?

The first version of LARAVEL was released in June 2011. But Taylor Otwell, the Software Engineer recognized as the founder of LARAVEL, has been constantly updating LARAVEL. ‘5.7’, which is the last released version, came out only in September 2018. It runs on PHP 7.1.3 (Hypertext Pre Processor)and above. Its pattern is the MVC (Model View Controller), thus it accepts the essential separation of concerns in a Web application. The most important feature of LARAVEL is PHP’s implementation of the Active Record Pattern. Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) allows Users to present database tables as classes. When a class is defined, an example will be tied to each table in the database, and then this instance can be used to represent that particular class in the program. Searching, for Users, becomes straight forward. All of the HTML codes served by the application are contained in Views. So business logic need never be combined with the presentation layer. The Blade Templating Engine is supported by Views to write reusable pieces of HTML code as well as Generic layout titles. Blade Templates need to be saved with a ‘.blade.php’ extension. Grouping of Related Request Handling Logic is allowed by Controllers. Single file routing mechanisms can be conveniently listed in one file. However, multiple files, if desired, can also be used, especially if there are bigger applications supporting API. Authentication is simple. Forgetting the password can be corrected with two simple commands: ‘PHP artisan makes: auth’ and ‘PHP artisan migrate’. The authentication system does not need to be implemented with LARAVEL, it comes for free.

What Is CodeIgniter?

CODEIGNITER helps Developers to develop applications rapidly. It is a PHP framework that can provide libraries which can be connected to the database and for performing various operations like sending emails, files uploading etc. The CODEIGNITER has a small footprint. Only 2 MB is required to house the entire source code. The extreme speed of loading is another feature, and it takes only about 50 ms to load CODEIGNITER, which frees up a lot of extra time in large programs. This makes it a favorite framework among web applications that are focused on speed such as adult games and dating apps. For example, casual dating site is built on this framework in order to optimize page load speed which is a huge competetive feature among dating and hookup apps. The loose coupling with other components makes independent working and to make upgrades easy. Like LARAVEL, it uses the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which separates the data, business logic and presentation clearly. CODEIGNITER is extendable to external libraries or helpers if they are not there in the first place. So it is very adaptable. It is also very easy to master.

The Two in Comparison

laravel and codeigniter comparison

CodeIgniter and Laravel are both PHP framework based, and both come with MVP (Model View Controller). Both have similarities in framework and architecture. Both have more or less the same objectives. But it is the differences that are essential here. So, Laravel vs CodeIgniter compared differences are listed as follows.

  • Authentication is built-in with LARAVEL and comes with authentication class features and Unit testing tools, which is available free. Whereas, CODEIGNITER does not have authentication built-in, nor Unit testing tools.
  • CODEIGNITER is object-oriented, but LARAVEL is relational Object-oriented.
  • LARAVEL has the most popular, open-source PHP framework in the world. Others are CODEIGNITER, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Symfony and FuelPHP.
  • LARAVEL can handle complex web applications securely, at a much faster speed than other frameworks.
  • But CODEIGNITER is faster because it has a smaller footprint.
  • LARAVEL simplifies the development process and eases common tasks.
  • LARAVEL is best when developing applications with complex backend requirements.
  • Homestead is a prepackaged all in one “vagrant box” which couples neatly with LARAVEL and makes it easier to use.
  • LARAVEL contains a number of extras, and even complex apps can be customized. Some of these are routing, view template engine, authentication, MVC architecture support, and seamless data migration, are just a few.
  • LARAVEL has a developed security system which operates at high speed.
  • For Developers building business enterprise or B2B applications, LARAVEL is ideal.
  • CODEIGNITER gas a small footprint (only 2 MB in size, including documentation).le free.
  • Dynamic Websites can be developed easily.
  • Numerous pre-built modules can be easily and speedily built which assists in constructing strong and reusable components which can be pre-tested.
  • CODEIGNITER is a light easy to install PHP framework which is hassle-free.
  • CODEIGNITER has a simple setup process.
  • CODEIGNITER guides developers with highly illustrated documentation.
  • CODEIGNITER is ideal for Beginners and Newcomers.
  • CODEIGNITER has superb error handling.
  • CODEIGNITER has inbuilt security tools.
  • Scalable apps can be created with CODEIGNITER.
  • However, releases are a bit irregular, so the framework is not meant for high-security applications

Which Is Better–Lavarvel or CodeIgniter?

The application areas are different. While the CODEIGNITER is a lightweight high-speed framework, the LARAVEL is a much more powerful framework and comes complete with high-level security. Slightly slower than CODEIGNITER, LARAVEL more than makes it up with the complexity of its developments, whether for large or small applications. Since 2011, LARAVEL has been continuously improved, and has been made extendable to external apps to improve its application’s ability even further, with additions like the “vagrant box”. The choice is the Users pick. So, which is your favorite? Which one works the best for you?

top phph frameworks 2020

Top PHP Frameworks You Should Know

Get rid of the code repeating once and for all

If you work in the IT industry, either you’re a developer, engineer, or more you need to learn how to code. That is the entire basis of this industry, in order to create programs you need to be able to code, and this goes for everything. All of those sites, and apps that you go on have to be coded in order to execute all those functions that you do. But the thing is coding isn’t the easiest of things. It would take time and practice to learn, and when you do you’ll be ripping through it.

Now one of the main issues that developers have is repetitive coding, you would need use the same code once again in another place, but retyping it in again is just useless. You’d be wasting time. So what the best way to solve this issue? Well through frameworks, if you get the most popular PHP frameworks of 2020 you would have no issues with repetitive coding.

What are frameworks?

Before we get on to the actual frameworks you need to be aware of what this is, especially if you have never heard of it, or you’re thinking of becoming a developer. So first of all a PHP framework is a platform that’s aids in developing applications, in other words you could say that it is a structure. It will ensure that the connection you have is stable. What it will do is erase the repetitive steps of coding, which will prove for a better more efficient coding system.

Many people use this because it makes the development process faster, it will reuse codes from similar projects, so you won’t have to end up typing each and everyone. The next reason why many people use this is because of the stability, even though PHP language is good, the security extent of it is not as up to the level as it should be, breakdowns could occur. So to fix this and tie up the loose ends the frameworks are used. And finally the availability of framework is extensive, there are many suppliers and you can even use your own.

What to look for when choosing a framework

When you are on the hunt for a good frame work you have to know a couple of things, you also have to know what you want. Because you can’t go in there without knowing what you want, you could end up choosing the wrong one for you. What you have to consider is whether or not they support different kids of databases. You would also have to consider if your database server will work with that type of database. Moreover your framework should have a strong community support that means that the activities being done should be helpful to all the ones around you. It is not just about the size of the framework. You should also look for documentation support. Make sure that the framework is able to keep good up-to-date documentation that is user friendly. Your framework should also have Model View Controller Architecture, this is needed in a framework, it is what handles everything. So if you don’t have it with you take a quick look. These features will be important if you are trying to create something like a review site. For example, if we look at a popular adult dating review site we can see the importance of flexibility and the ability to publish content, in this case adult site reviews, and call different aspects from a database. And this is everything you need to know before you choose to get a PHP framework.

What is the best?

Now it’s 2020, so that means technology should be up to date, and advanced so what are the most popular PHP frameworks of 2020? Well let’s take a look.

  • Laravel: this is an open source which follows MVC model.
  • CodeIgniter: this is good for beginners.
  • Symfony: this is great for large scale web projects.
  • CakePHP: this is an open source web development program, all it need is a server and a copy of the framework.
  • Yii Framework: this is an object oriented framework, and is based on the “Don’t repeat yourself or DRY” concept. It is easy to install, and has high extensibility.
  • Zend Framework; this is completely based on object-oriented, it offer high customisability.
  • FuelPHP: this is a flexible framework that has both MVC, and HMVC, this is good because it uses up less memory.
  • Phalcon: this is a high performance framework that was first meant for C++, it has innovative features that you can’t miss out on.
python programming faq

What is Python?

Python is one of the very simple, high-level programming languages which are commonly used for web applications. Python comes with integrated dynamic semantics and it is an object-oriented language. Python is mostly used in app development and web applications. Apart from this, python is also utilized in the Rapid Application Development field. The reason behind this is it offers dynamic binding and dynamic typing options. 

Why Python?

Python is comparatively simple and hence it is easy to learn. This is the reason it has gained the highest popularity in the software development field. The unique syntax of python mainly focuses on attaining the readability and simplicity of the program. Compared to other languages the code written in python can easily be read and translated as well. This is the main reason, you need less cost for code maintenance when you use Python as a programming language. Even for development you need not spend much and python promotes team collaboration as well. It rules out most of the experience and language barriers among developers in a team.

Apart from this, python also supports the usage of packages and modules. Through this, it becomes easy to build programs in a modular style. The code written in python can be easily reused across different projects. Once the package or the module is developed, it can be easily scaled in all different projects. Modules and packages written in this language are easy to import and export.

Benefits Of Python

There is one most promising benefit of this language. This language comes with an interpreter and the standard library. These two features are available for free of cost. They are available in both source and binary form. The best part is python along with all the necessary tools that work in almost all platforms. Hence python is the right choice for an organization that wants to restrict its budget on development.

How is Python Used?

There are many general-purpose programming languages and python is one of them. This is the reason python can be used for everything and all kinds of platforms. More than that, it is one of the interpreted languages as well. To understand this, when you write a code in python it never gets converted into a computer-readable format.

Even though python was a scripting language, now many things have been changed. Today, python is in use for writing large programs as well. Unlike before it is now used for commercial-style applications rather just for banal ones. From the time the internet gained popularity, usage of python has been increased a bit. Today most of the web applications as well as platforms are relying on this language. For example, YouTube and Google Search Engine is completely dependent on Python. The best thing is, python is even utilized in NASA. It is used for building their space machinery and equipment.

 Python is very useful in processing text, images, and display numbers. It is the best choice for solving specific equations and for saving data. In other words, python is behind most of the software, applications that you encounter on a daily basis on your mobile.

This language is comparatively easy to learn. You can consider this language as the first step to enter the software engineering field and learn different languages and frameworks. If you are a beginner in this field, then you should start with python. There are many big companies that make use of python for their website programming for example, yahoo, Disney, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even IBM and Nokia are using this language.

Other benefits include:

  • This language is the best choice for developing prototypes. Main reasons behind this are, python can be learned quickly and it is very easy to read
  • Most of the major fields in popularity today like big data, data mining, and automation are completely relying on python. The reason behind this is, python is the right choice for performing all kinds of general-purpose tasks.
  • There are many languages like C# and Java which are considered massive. Compared to these massive languages, python can result in a more productive coding environment. Experienced programmers always choose python since it helps them to stay organized and productive as well
  • Even if you are not a skilled, expert programmer, you can easily read codes written in python. With a lot of practice and patience, anyone can start working with python. This is the reason python is the right choice for large development teams and multi-programmer environment
  • Django is the web application framework that is powered by python. This is an open-source and complete web application framework which is very helpful for web applications.

Python has a massive support base. Python is open-source and it is community developed. There are millions of developers who are improving this language on a daily basis. They are putting their effort to improve the functionality of this language. As time progresses, this language will gain more and more useful features and it is improving continuously.

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guido van rosssum

Guido Van Rossum and History of Python programming

A revolution to the computing world

When it come to something it does not magically appear out of thin air, people have to create it. People become inventors, but nothing is the way it is now, can you imagine how many times people tired and tried to prefect their inventions. It is all trial and error, there is no one that got it on the first try. They kept trying and trying, until they were satisfied with the project. But do you think after they got what they wanted they stopped? No, definitely not! They came up with more innovations, or tired to come up with improvements, how they could make it better than it was before.

Take Thomas Edison for example, one of the inventors of the lightbulb. He was playing electricity, when nobody would, pretty sure that people though he was crazy, but his success ended up revolutionizing the world. He probably went through it over thousands and thousands of times. He failed, but he also got back up. His first ever success only lasted 13.5 hours and later on he went to do more improving, changed his supplies, conducted it in a different way and so on. And with all of this you know that all of his hard work and determination was a success and extremely worth it.

So many people have revolutionized the world throughout history, one of them was Guido van Rossum he changed the entire computing world. Guido van Rossum and the history of python programming is something that has to be looked at closely. It is pretty impressive if I say so myself.

Guido van Rossum

Some of you may have never heard this name before, so it’s about time that you learn who he is. Guido van Rossum is a Dutch programmer, he is known for creating the python programming system

A little background information on him, so he was born on January 31st 1956 in Harlem, Netherlands, his nationality being Dutch. He was a well educated man, and did wonderfully in school. He went to the University of Amsterdam, and received a master’s degree in mathematics, and computer science in 1982. He is now currently residing in California with his wife and son.

When it comes to his work, there is a lot, he has worked in multiple institutes including the CWI in Netherlands, the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many more. He also helped ABC develop a programming language, and even a web browser called Grail which was written by Python. After his Python endeavour he went on to improving it, but he also did projects on the side, one of them was “computer programming for everybody” which went on to define his goal for Python. He wanted it to be easy and intuitive, an open source, so that anybody is able to contribute. The code was to be understandable and as plain as English, and wanted to make sure that there was a suitability for everyday tasks so that the development times didn’t take too long. Guido van Rossum also worked at Google where he developed a web-based code review system called Mondrian, which was written in the Python language. He then later went on to work at Dropbox, and as of 2019 he is retired.

In the mean time he wrote a number of books that were based on python, they are:

  • An Introduction to Python(2003)
  • Python Tutorial(1995)
  • The Python Language Reference Manual(2003)
  • Extending and Embedding Python(2018)
  • Python Library Reference(1995)
  • Internet Programming Python(1996)
  • Various Python tutorial books were also written

What is Python?

Guido van Rossum and the history of python programming is extensive, and well know as python is one of the most used programming languages worldwide. Many companies use this as it is one of the best. But there is so much more to it, and why it is one of the best programming languages in the world.

Python is a “general purpose, high level, interpreted,” programming language. It was first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. This code is know to emphasize on the code readability, and the whitespace, and the construction of it being object-oriented was know to help with programmers being able to write logical and clear code, for both large and small products.

It is also a multi-paradigm programming language, but also object-oriented programming, with having structured programming as well. All of these have a number of functional and supportive features, one being functional programming, and aspect-oriented programming. Python also uses dynamic style of typing and a mixture of cycle detecting and reference counting. There is also a garbage collector so that it can be used for memory management. Furthermore there is a certain philosophy behind it too; “readability counts” “complex is better than complicated,” “simple is better than complicated,”, “explicit is better than implicit,” and finally one point is stating that “beautiful is better than ugly,” These are the main core ways that Python is based on.

Why is it so popular?

Python is used all over the world, some of the biggest companies in the world rely on Python, and they are:

  • Google
  • Industrial Light and Magic
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Quora
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox

These are just a few, there are plenty of more people that uses it, but why? Python is know to be slow, but it is still popular, because it is more productive compared to the other programming languages. It is more concise, and expressive, and doesn’t take up too much of your time. There is also a large community, so you can gain all the help needed from so many people, so you can support one another. It also has big data, and amazing libraries, this is good when working with big projects, it can help you save time, and cut down on the development cycle. Moreover Python is reliable and efficient, not to mention extremely versatile, it is also easily accessible and easy to learn and use. This is great for newbies. So these are the reasons why it is so popular.

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