top phph frameworks 2020

Top PHP Frameworks You Should Know

Get rid of the code repeating once and for all

If you work in the IT industry, either you’re a developer, engineer, or more you need to learn how to code. That is the entire basis of this industry, in order to create programs you need to be able to code, and this goes for everything. All of those sites, and apps that you go on have to be coded in order to execute all those functions that you do. But the thing is coding isn’t the easiest of things. It would take time and practice to learn, and when you do you’ll be ripping through it.

Now one of the main issues that developers have is repetitive coding, you would need use the same code once again in another place, but retyping it in again is just useless. You’d be wasting time. So what the best way to solve this issue? Well through frameworks, if you get the most popular PHP frameworks of 2020 you would have no issues with repetitive coding.

What are frameworks?

Before we get on to the actual frameworks you need to be aware of what this is, especially if you have never heard of it, or you’re thinking of becoming a developer. So first of all a PHP framework is a platform that’s aids in developing applications, in other words you could say that it is a structure. It will ensure that the connection you have is stable. What it will do is erase the repetitive steps of coding, which will prove for a better more efficient coding system.

Many people use this because it makes the development process faster, it will reuse codes from similar projects, so you won’t have to end up typing each and everyone. The next reason why many people use this is because of the stability, even though PHP language is good, the security extent of it is not as up to the level as it should be, breakdowns could occur. So to fix this and tie up the loose ends the frameworks are used. And finally the availability of framework is extensive, there are many suppliers and you can even use your own.

What to look for when choosing a framework

When you are on the hunt for a good frame work you have to know a couple of things, you also have to know what you want. Because you can’t go in there without knowing what you want, you could end up choosing the wrong one for you. What you have to consider is whether or not they support different kids of databases. You would also have to consider if your database server will work with that type of database. Moreover your framework should have a strong community support that means that the activities being done should be helpful to all the ones around you. It is not just about the size of the framework. You should also look for documentation support. Make sure that the framework is able to keep good up-to-date documentation that is user friendly. Your framework should also have Model View Controller Architecture, this is needed in a framework, it is what handles everything. So if you don’t have it with you take a quick look. These features will be important if you are trying to create something like a review site. For example, if we look at a popular adult dating review site we can see the importance of flexibility and the ability to publish content, in this case adult site reviews, and call different aspects from a database. And this is everything you need to know before you choose to get a PHP framework.

What is the best?

Now it’s 2020, so that means technology should be up to date, and advanced so what are the most popular PHP frameworks of 2020? Well let’s take a look.

  • Laravel: this is an open source which follows MVC model.
  • CodeIgniter: this is good for beginners.
  • Symfony: this is great for large scale web projects.
  • CakePHP: this is an open source web development program, all it need is a server and a copy of the framework.
  • Yii Framework: this is an object oriented framework, and is based on the “Don’t repeat yourself or DRY” concept. It is easy to install, and has high extensibility.
  • Zend Framework; this is completely based on object-oriented, it offer high customisability.
  • FuelPHP: this is a flexible framework that has both MVC, and HMVC, this is good because it uses up less memory.
  • Phalcon: this is a high performance framework that was first meant for C++, it has innovative features that you can’t miss out on.