laravel vs codeigniter

Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

Both LARAVEL and CODEIGNITER are based on PHP, which stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open-source server-side scripting language. Its extreme popularity is evidenced by the fact that almost 80% of all websites were using PHP as of October 2018. But why use PHP at all? This is because a PHP framework provides the most convenient structure for a logical and streamlined development. They can work at extreme speeds. Businesses are able to meet their necessary performance using PHP. The usage in 2019 was close to that in 2018, and there is no doubt that, barring a brand new framework which betters PHP, this will be the framework of choice in the years to come. In this context, a review of Laravel vs CodeIgniter compared is not only relevant, but necessary.

What is Laravel?

The first version of LARAVEL was released in June 2011. But Taylor Otwell, the Software Engineer recognized as the founder of LARAVEL, has been constantly updating LARAVEL. ‘5.7’, which is the last released version, came out only in September 2018. It runs on PHP 7.1.3 (Hypertext Pre Processor)and above. Its pattern is the MVC (Model View Controller), thus it accepts the essential separation of concerns in a Web application. The most important feature of LARAVEL is PHP’s implementation of the Active Record Pattern. Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) allows Users to present database tables as classes. When a class is defined, an example will be tied to each table in the database, and then this instance can be used to represent that particular class in the program. Searching, for Users, becomes straight forward. All of the HTML codes served by the application are contained in Views. So business logic need never be combined with the presentation layer. The Blade Templating Engine is supported by Views to write reusable pieces of HTML code as well as Generic layout titles. Blade Templates need to be saved with a ‘.blade.php’ extension. Grouping of Related Request Handling Logic is allowed by Controllers. Single file routing mechanisms can be conveniently listed in one file. However, multiple files, if desired, can also be used, especially if there are bigger applications supporting API. Authentication is simple. Forgetting the password can be corrected with two simple commands: ‘PHP artisan makes: auth’ and ‘PHP artisan migrate’. The authentication system does not need to be implemented with LARAVEL, it comes for free.

What Is CodeIgniter?

CODEIGNITER helps Developers to develop applications rapidly. It is a PHP framework that can provide libraries which can be connected to the database and for performing various operations like sending emails, files uploading etc. The CODEIGNITER has a small footprint. Only 2 MB is required to house the entire source code. The extreme speed of loading is another feature, and it takes only about 50 ms to load CODEIGNITER, which frees up a lot of extra time in large programs. This makes it a favorite framework among web applications that are focused on speed such as adult games and dating apps. For example, casual dating site is built on this framework in order to optimize page load speed which is a huge competetive feature among dating and hookup apps. The loose coupling with other components makes independent working and to make upgrades easy. Like LARAVEL, it uses the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which separates the data, business logic and presentation clearly. CODEIGNITER is extendable to external libraries or helpers if they are not there in the first place. So it is very adaptable. It is also very easy to master.

The Two in Comparison

laravel and codeigniter comparison

CodeIgniter and Laravel are both PHP framework based, and both come with MVP (Model View Controller). Both have similarities in framework and architecture. Both have more or less the same objectives. But it is the differences that are essential here. So, Laravel vs CodeIgniter compared differences are listed as follows.

  • Authentication is built-in with LARAVEL and comes with authentication class features and Unit testing tools, which is available free. Whereas, CODEIGNITER does not have authentication built-in, nor Unit testing tools.
  • CODEIGNITER is object-oriented, but LARAVEL is relational Object-oriented.
  • LARAVEL has the most popular, open-source PHP framework in the world. Others are CODEIGNITER, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Symfony and FuelPHP.
  • LARAVEL can handle complex web applications securely, at a much faster speed than other frameworks.
  • But CODEIGNITER is faster because it has a smaller footprint.
  • LARAVEL simplifies the development process and eases common tasks.
  • LARAVEL is best when developing applications with complex backend requirements.
  • Homestead is a prepackaged all in one “vagrant box” which couples neatly with LARAVEL and makes it easier to use.
  • LARAVEL contains a number of extras, and even complex apps can be customized. Some of these are routing, view template engine, authentication, MVC architecture support, and seamless data migration, are just a few.
  • LARAVEL has a developed security system which operates at high speed.
  • For Developers building business enterprise or B2B applications, LARAVEL is ideal.
  • CODEIGNITER gas a small footprint (only 2 MB in size, including documentation).le free.
  • Dynamic Websites can be developed easily.
  • Numerous pre-built modules can be easily and speedily built which assists in constructing strong and reusable components which can be pre-tested.
  • CODEIGNITER is a light easy to install PHP framework which is hassle-free.
  • CODEIGNITER has a simple setup process.
  • CODEIGNITER guides developers with highly illustrated documentation.
  • CODEIGNITER is ideal for Beginners and Newcomers.
  • CODEIGNITER has superb error handling.
  • CODEIGNITER has inbuilt security tools.
  • Scalable apps can be created with CODEIGNITER.
  • However, releases are a bit irregular, so the framework is not meant for high-security applications

Which Is Better–Lavarvel or CodeIgniter?

The application areas are different. While the CODEIGNITER is a lightweight high-speed framework, the LARAVEL is a much more powerful framework and comes complete with high-level security. Slightly slower than CODEIGNITER, LARAVEL more than makes it up with the complexity of its developments, whether for large or small applications. Since 2011, LARAVEL has been continuously improved, and has been made extendable to external apps to improve its application’s ability even further, with additions like the “vagrant box”. The choice is the Users pick. So, which is your favorite? Which one works the best for you?